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I get great satisfaction from helping people to find a way through their difficulties whether they are a long-term thing or something which has just arisen for them. Having a sense of safety and compassion in the therapy room is a given for me, when we need to open ourselves up to others, we need to find the secure space for honesty and exploration. Being human isn't always easy and finding a time in this busy world is important either to explore you or to find a way of dealing with the world and others differently.

    My story and interests

    I am originally from Yorkshire and moved to the Midlands in the 90's to train as a lawyer. I worked in that profession for 25 years, but felt a change was required. I was in therapy myself for a number of years to get to an understanding of my past as an adopted child and improve my life. By doing this I took responsiblity and ensured I was not taking the repercussions of that into my current relationships. The process changed me and transformed how I interacted with the world.

    This experience made me interested in becoming a therapist. So, I returned to university and am studying for a MSc in Counselling and Psychotherapy Studies. I have loved studying innovative ideas and theories and have integrated what I learned into my work as a therapist. Surprisingly, being a lawyer and a therapist are not that different - you need the skill of listening to what the client wants and how they see the world, the knowledge of the subject and then finding the best way forward for them to get their outcome.

    My loves are my friends, family, dogs and being outside in nature. I enjoy yoga, walking, travelling and reading. I do offer 'walk and talk' if its suitable for you as a form of therapy.


    If you'd like more information, a chat about whether I'd be able to help you or to make a booking get in touch 

    07494 491 660

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